Marion Angelica in her studio.
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Marion Angelica

Marion Angelica is a studio artist in her sixties and teacher at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began her ceramics career in her twenties, then took a hiatus to raise a family, and to work in academia and nonprofit consulting. She returned to the studio full-time eight years ago and runs a program for the Minnesota Women Artists organization, which brings women artists together to share their experiences. She thanks these artists for sharing their time, insights, and wisdom for her article "The Balancing Act," in Vol. 45, No. 1, Winter/Spring 2017.


Janis Mars Wunderlich
In preparation for this article, I interviewed ten female ceramicists to learn more about the challenges they face and what they do to balance the different parts of their lives. Their challenges . . . might be applicable to your own lives and careers.