St. Barbara plate, 2013. Earthenware, 14 in. Photograph by Lydia Clark.
Within African and African-Pan-American religious-cultural systems, special pots are understood to literally house divinity and are receptacles for detailed and painstaking spiritual offerings. It...

Author Spotlight

Saba Stovall, 2017.
Saba Stovall is a ceramicist in Atlanta, GA and is currently pursuing a Masters in Art History from Georgia State University. Their focus is on the intersection of feminist art history, traditional...
Call for Submissions, Winter/Spring 2018
St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour - MN Potters
Call for Submissions, Winter/Spring 2018
Studio Potter is calling for contributions to the next issue, Vol. 46, No. 1, Winter/Spring 2018, "Regional Perspectives & Pottery Tours." Submissions due October 15, 2017. In examining regional profiles of ceramists and their work, and exploring all aspects of pottery tours, SP is looking for unique perspectives and stories of five hundred words or more.