Annual Membership Options*


No messing around. Our beautiful print publication in your hands twice a year, and access to all current and back issues 24/7. 

Young Professional

Recent grads, assistants, and apprentices, we salute you! Take that $20 and go buy some supplies. YP members will be asked to submit their résumé for review.

American Craft Council Member

This is us reaching out to the wide world of craft. You will be asked to provide your ACC member number, a copy of your member card, or a receipt of your membership purchase.

Organizational Member

Are you a part of a nonprofit organization, co-op, group, or small business that would like to share Studio Potter among its members or clients? You’ll get 10 copies of SP per year (five of each issue) and a link and listing on both our website and in our monthly newsletter and enjoy all the member access and discounts.

Digital Only

Whether you are a tech-lover or a paper-hater or just have a case of wanderlust, this one’s for you. We won’t send you the print journal; get everything at


We know your piggy bank is precious, don’t break it. Students must be enrolled at a higher ed. institution and provide proof of enrollment (ID or semester schedule) with student’s name, school name, and date.

Artaxis Member

You’re a member of Artaxis? Well, it’s back to school for you. You get the same deal as a student! Whoo-hoo!

*Domestic rates shown here. Add $25 for Canada, and $35 for other international memberships for shipping. Digital memberships and domestic organizational memberships are exempt from shipping charges.

To download a printable form and send it in by mail, please click here: PDF iconSP_MemberForm_PDF.pdf