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Betty Woodman: Thinking Out Loud

By Charles Woodman,1991.
Length: 20 minutes.
Format: VHS.
Purchase: $40, includes shipping and handling.
Available from: Charles Woodman Video, 304 Tennessee Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002. Tel. 202-543-7517.

At the end of this video, Betty Woodman recollects that her mother once took one of her ceramics courses so that she could better understand her daughter, whose passion for clay ran so deep. She muses that a similar desire for understanding may be part of her son Charles's motivation for producing this video. Whether or not this is the case, it certainly is a good way for us to get to know her better. Her boldly colored sculptural vessels have been part of our ceramic scene for almost 30 years. Now, in this interview with critic John Perrault, we learn of the influences and experiences that have led and directed her over those years. The dialogue is often dubbed over scenes of her working in the studio, along with shots of her finished work from past years, so that we can see the concepts she describes take shape before our eyes. All aspects of this video oare well executed. This profile of a vigorous and talented artist would be well suited for ceramists and serious students.

Reviewed by Richard Aerni. Studio Potter Network Newsletter, Autumn, 1994.

reviews:   Books | Videos |

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