Volumes 21 to 25 -- 1992-1997

Cover - Vol.21, No.1

Volume 21, Number 1
December, 1992

Japan and Americal: Myth and Reality in Ceramics - with guest editors Louise Allison Cort and John Neely:

Seekers - A Contemporary Exchange - more perspectives on Japanese-American relations, along with personal experiences of Americans in Japan and Japanese in America Also: Revival Fires: Another Face for Shino by Jim Robinson - a popular article describing six categories of shino, with nearly 50 recipes; Charles Fergus Binns: The Father of American Studio Ceramics by Margaret Carney Xie; San Diego Sixteen; Journet to Yixing by Richard Notkin; MacKenzie on Clark by Warren MacKenzie; Clark On MacKenzie by Garth Clark.

Cover - Vol.21, No.2

Volume 21, Number 2
June, 1993

Soda Firing - seven potters share their experience, techniques, and recipes:

Also: The View from One Hundred - an interview with Beatrice Wood; Travels in New Jersey - visits with nineteen New Jersey potters; Sixth North Carolina Pottery Conference by Mark Hewitt; Nicaragua Revisited by Mika Seeger; 1992 International Ceramic Symposium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan by Marcia Selsor; Ecuadorian Potters by Joe Molinaro; Tharu Potters of Nepal by James Danisch.

Supplement: Peter Voulkos, text and photographs by Jim Leedy (also available as a monograph).

Cover - Vol.22, No.1

Volume 22, Number 1
December, 1993

Dancing with Technology - a foray into the world of high-tech ceramics:

Also: The Ceramics of Asger Jorn by Michael Boylen; The Rock Creek Climbing Kiln, Part 1 by Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin - plans, material list, and instructions for building a 120-cubic-foot woodfire kiln; Catawba Pottery and Its Creators by Joyce Anastasia-Caputo; Shaping Pots with Stick and Stone: Pottery Making in Papua New Guinea by Joyce Slayton Mitchell; Edwin and Mary Scheier - an interview; ACC Fiftieth Anniversary and New Art Forms, Chicago; The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery by Ann Roberts; My Impression of American Ceramics by Michio Sugiyama; Third International Cup Symposium by Marion Munk; Letter from Kohler by Caroline Detroit.

Cover - Vol.22, No.2

Volume 22, Number 2
June, 1994

Today's Standards, Tomorrow's Values - a symposium on the future of the ceramic arts in higher education, held at NCECA in 1993:

Also: Michael Cardew's Legacy - essays by Jane Herold, Syend Bayer, Ray Finch, Seth Cardew, Mark Hewitt, Todd Piker, Ivan McMeekin, and Michael O'Brien; Travel in the Ozarks: A Sense of Place - interviews with 25 Arkansas and Missouri potters; The Rock Creek Climbing Kiln, Part 2 by Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin - firing in theory and practice, raw glazing and decoration (with slip and glaze recipes); A Small Woodburning Kiln by Peg Udall; The Hartford Art School Woodfiring Kiln by Lisa Stinson; The Supermud Woodfire Kiln by Louise Harter; Woodfire: Learning From the Past by Jack Troy; Vivika and Otto Heino - Living Pots - an interview; Fired Building Project by Ray Meeker; Gaijin Potter by Susan Wallace; Letter From the Classroom by Caroline Detroit; Easter Europeans in Tuscarora by Ben Parks; Carol Nickerson Reaches 100th Year by Nancy Ryder; C.A.S.T. by Kazuo Nakamoto; Rick Dillingham by Tom Collins; Albert Green by John Shedd; Daniel Cobblah.

Cover - Vol.23, No.1

Volume 23, Number 1
December, 1994

In Search of a Unified Theory of Craft - seventeen artists present their ideas: essays by Sandra Braman, Ellen Dissanayake, George Woodman, Victor Margrie, Paul Mathieu, Susan E. Crowell, Howard Risatti, Rob Barnard, Philip Rawson, Michael Casson, Jack Lenor Larsen, George Kokis, Bruce Metcalf, Winnie Owens-Hart, Brother Thomas Bezanson, James Melchert, and Mary Iron Eyes.

Colored Clay - eight potters share techniques: Also: Japanese Women Ceramists - Part 1; Remembering Maria Martinez and Lucy Lewis by Susan Peterson; People of the Mimbres by Sarah Schlanger; Coding the Universe by Diego Romero; Art in the Net: An Overview of Our Cultural Infrastructure by Sandra Braman; The Celebration of Craftswomen by Eileen Goldenberg; The International Academy of Ceramics, Prague; Iris International Ceramics Symposium, Finland by Kendra Conn; International Ceramic Symposium, India by Premula Pandit; Packing It In by Nan Rothwell; Colored Clay Formulas from Buzzard Mountain.

Cover - Vol.23, No.2

Volume 23, Number 2
June, 1995

Four Architectural Spaces - stories of four installations:

Also: Japanese Women Ceramists - Part 2 by Donna Nicholas; Potters of South Carolina - sixteen interviews; Romancing the Clay - an extended interview with Paul Soldner; The Art of Advocacy by Rick Sherman - step-by-step procedures for arts advocacy; Letter from Beijing by Cleo Kung; Music Witness by Jeff Schlanger; The Kobe, Japan Earthquake by Maya Nishi; Earthquake Eyewitness by Ayumi Shigematsu; Letter from Barcelona by Al Jaeger; Fulbright in Uzbekistan by Marcia Selsor.

Cover - Vol.24, No.1

Volume 24, Number 1
December, 1995

What's Clay Got to Do with it? - discussions about criticism and the ceramic arts held at NCECA 1995:

Is Glaze Dead? - articles about surface treatment, with and without glaze: Also: English Slipware Techniques by Irma Starr; Juan Quezada: Mexican Potter - interview by Bill Gilbert; Rollerblading Along the Erie Canal - visits with eighteen New York potters; A Letter From Croatia by Blazenka Soic Stebih; Travels in Mexico by Michael Boylen; review of Woodfired Stoneware and Porcelain by Jack Troy (review by David Shaner); A Tribute to Vivika by Roberta Griffith; Jingdezhen Kaolin Conference by Roberta Griffith.

Cover - Vol.24, No.2

Volume 24, Number 2
June, 1996

The Shape of Ceramic History - first of a two-part series on the history of ceramics:

Majolica - seven articles share techniques and recipes: Also: The Road to Las Vegas - visits with fourteen Nevada potters; Defiant Decoration: A Short History of Decoration by Robert Kushner; First Fire by Richard Bresnahan; James and Nan McKinnell: American Line Blend - interview by Ken Ferguson; Exhibition in China by Robert Dixon; Dixon in Qing-dao by Bo Y. Du; Philip Rawson by David Whiting and Wayne Higby.

Cover - Vol.25, No.1

Volume 25, Number 1
December, 1996

Mingei Revisited - articles about Japanese folk art:

The Shape of Ceramic History - this second part of the series on the history of ceramics focuses on teaching: Crystal Glazes - eight potters share techniques and recipes: Also: The Cosmic Tortoise: The Work of Walter Ostrom by Ann Gabhart; Marguerite Wildenhain: Reflections on her 100th Anniversary by Rol Healy; Sixteen Connecticut Potters; Pat Doran's Cancer Journal - intro by Kendra Conn; Travels in Japan by Gerry Williams; Journey to a Potter's Mecca by Mary Louise Carter and Phyllis Handal.

Cover - Vol.25, No.2

Volume 25, Number 2
June, 1997

The Vessel and the Garden - eight articles about pottery and landscape:

Lustre Decorations - five potters share their experiences, techniques, and recipes: Also: James Melchert: Conversations on Time, Chance, and Creative Intelligence - an edited version of an extended conversation during 1996; Alabama Travels - visits with twenty Alabama potters; The Impact of the Japanese Folk Craft Movement on 20th-Century American Ceramics by Mark Hewitt; An American Ceramist in Ghana by Karen K. Terpstra; Letter from Ecuador by Helmut Hillenkamp; Joan Campbell.